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2) Inspection of bridges, marine structures, buildings and other engineering assets.


3) Investigation of failures.


    Inspection of Bridges, Box Culverts and Pipe Culverts from Tarhuna Town to Benwaled Town in Libya


Jejambat Sultan Azlan Shah, Perak


New Sg. Pinang Bridge, Penang


Bridge Over Selat Mendana, Johor


Inspection of tunnel using skylift


Inspection of wharf using boat


Inspection of viaduct using skylift


4) Assessment of bridges, jetties, buildings and other engineering assets.


5) Analytical evaluation of load-carrying capacity of bridges, jetties and buildings.


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1) Design and structural audit of bridges.


Inspection inside the culverts with inspectors wearing water wading suits


Inspection inside the steel pipe culvert


Special equipment for distance measurement


Slope failure


Structural failure


Carbonation test


Coring for concrete sampling


Checking of cathodic protection


Use of thermograph to

detect  water leak


Special equipment for inspection & image capturing (Giraffe Pole - camera/Video)


Special equipment for inspection & image capturing (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Helicopter)


Computer model of One-Fathom Bank Lighthouse for strength evaluation of the structure